Shaun does marketing and product development for STEM education and smart devices. He is in partnership with LA Makerspace, developing learning through play educational products and materials with a focus on reaching underserved groups. He is on the board of SPRK, researching greenfield applications of LEDs, assessing competitive forces, managing product specifications and guiding product strategy.

He is also co-owner of a real estate investing and holding company, assessing opportunities against their risks with quantitative and qualitative methods, maintaining investor relations, managing projects, and researching/distilling regulations for compliance.

He had worked in enterprise-scale data and lifecycle management systems for 9 years, managing web client applications, monitoring infrastructure, creating tools to automate troubleshooting and fixes, overseeing version control and server migrations.

He had worked as a software engineer for 2 years, designing and programming apps for financial and land-surveying calculations.

He holds an MBA with marketing emphasis from Pepperdine University, and a BS in Information and Computer Science from UC Irvine.


STEAM Education

Leading a workshop at the LA Department of Education on creating STEM products for everyone, and the importance of Eureka moments in learning.

Making kits that compete with ones costing 10 times as much takes creativity, a thorough understanding of target users, design aesthetics, and development.

A believer in full-spectrum thinking, he is always pursing further knowledge and experience doing product design, embedded programming, circuit layout, digital electronics, CAD and CAM.